Friday, October 11, 2013

Operation Streamline - Deterring Illegal Immigration or Profitizing Illegal Immigration?

Operation Streamline - Deterring Illegal Immigration or Profitizing Illegal Immigration?

The majority of people responding to this article and most likely the majority of Americans are in favor of this Operation Streamline approach to illegal immigration.

It make sense to these Americans.  Catch and imprison as many people as we can before deporting them back to their home countries.  This enforcement tactic will stop or drastically reduce the number of people illegally entering the country, right?

Is it possible that this Operation Streamline enforcement approach is really more about making corporate profit  than it is about deterring illegal immigration?  Or even more specifically - will the results of this Operation Streamline approach prove to be a extremely costly but an ineffective approach to deterring illegal immigration?

I worked as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent for 26 years.  I have also continued to educate myself and keep abreast of Mexican illegal immigration, drug smuggling and the Mexican Drug War since retiring in 2005. 

I don't have good things to say about Washington's approach to either problem.  The root cause of Mexican illegal immigration is Mexican poverty.  Our two countries share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade yet our Mexican undocumented population in the US is the highest at 62%?

Washington supports the Mexican Drug War that Mexican President Felipe Calderon started in 2006.  How can Washington remain silent about the Mexican Government's use of their own cartel controlled military in the collateral slaughter of 120,000 people?  And our own Harvard University honors Calderon with a fellowship despite his blood stained legacy?       

Why doesn't Washington's Comprehensive Immigration Reform address Mexican corruption,  poverty, and their drug war as major contributors to 62% of our undocumented population?

I say that after three failures in the successful control illegal immigration (Reagan's 1985 Amnesty,  Clinton's 1994 NAFTA and Bush's 2003 DHS) we need to be highly suspicious of Washington's current motives with this present immigration reform legislation.

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