Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mexican Illegal immigration Enforcement Shenanigans ¡Ay Dios Mío!

In response:

Mexican Illegal immigration Enforcement Shenanigans  ¡Ay Dios Mío! - not a one party scam or phenomena!    

Decades of Mexican poverty have created decades of Mexican illegal immigration.

Both governments and both major US political parties profit and have profited from illegal immigration: cheap labor and ensuing political "reform" exchanged for remittances sent home.

Promote poverty via NAFTA, drug wars, corruption, 2008 Great Recession.

Perpetuate the problem via 1986 Amnesty, 1994 NAFTA trade, 911, Mexican oil dependency, border industrial complex, political propaganda, Latino votes, and our 40+ year long war on drugs.

All of the profit and political gain are in the decades-long bipartisan fight - not in a workable solution.

Oh so similar to our 40+ year long drug war, no? And the Mexican connection, ¡Ay Dios mío!

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