Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Illegal Immigration - Profit Driven By Design Or A Result of Uncontrollable Economic Factors?

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"The United States is spending billions on walls that don’t really keep migrants out (a University of California, San Diego, study showed that 97 percent of migrants who want to cross the border eventually get through), and on locking up and deporting people, many of whom return."

So what will it take to wake and shake up Americans and the undocumented?   

Let's look at Mexican illegal immigration (62% of our undocumented).  The largest influx of undocumented came after Clinton's 1994 NAFTA.  Was this influx profit driven by design or a result of uncontrollable economic factors?

For decades now billions of dollars in remittances have been pumped back into the Mexican economy by their US undocumented.  For decades now billions of US tax dollars have been pumped into the US border security complex.  The number of undocumented people in the US are at its highest level ever as is the increasing amounts of US tax dollars being spent on border security.  Are both of these consequences of uncontrollable economic factors, illegal immigration, or are they profit driven by design?

Washington is trying to push through immigration reform.  Is it by design or a result of uncontrollable economic factors that we are forced to deal with so many undocumented people?  Is it by design that the unequivocal cause of illegal immigration - the undocumenteds' home-country poverty - is not addressed or mentioned in this reform attempt?

The US and Mexico currently share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade - yet Mexico's poverty rate is at 50% and the their undocumented make up 62% of our 11.2 million undocumented.  Are these factors profit driven by design or results of uncontrollable economic factors?

Does anyone at this point really not see that this decades-long phenomena of illegal immigration from Mexico into the US is entirely designed to be driven by profit and NOT a result of uncontrollable economic factors?


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