Saturday, October 26, 2013

The "Powers To Be" Do Not Want To Solve Illegal Immigration

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The "Powers To Be" Do Not Want To Solve Illegal Immigration

Who in their right (albeit simpleton) minds couldn't fix illegal immigration? Secure the border and fine the bejesus out of US employer's who hire them, right? Make eVerify mandatory and fine the heck out of employer's who won't or do not use it!

Why in the Sam hell can't those idiotic Democrats simply follow our current immigration laws? My God, this is not rocket science. Yet these clowns do nothing! The only option is to boot them out and get someone in there who will follow the darn rules!

I am not saying that the above solutions won't work. They would, and do - to some degree.

Yet after having not only worked within the system (US Border Patrol) for 26 years and studying not only illegal immigration (specifically Mexican) but the Mexican Drug War in retirement, I have come to the conclusion that many Americans are really immigration brainwashed and/or immigration ignorant.

I have heard these back and forth immigration arguments for some 35 years now. I saw how Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and Bush's creation of DHS all failed to effectively stop illegal immigration as promised.

Here it is folks: the "powers to be" who run our government and the undocumenteds' governments too do not want to solve illegal immigration.

Both elite groups profit from home-country poverty (remittances), profit-driven illegal immigration (cheap labor), and profit-driven illegal drugs (banks laundering cartel profits).

Until we face that realties of their profit-driven poverty and their profit-driven illegal immigration, we are unconsciously spinning our collective immigration "reform" wheels.

Read what our own US Department of State says about
"our" relations Mexico: tp://

Please don't skim over it. Read the whole thing. Read about how "we" share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico. Read how Mexico is one of our largest trading partner and how Mexico is our number two source of oil.

Now read about how Clinton's 1994 NAFTA not only shot down the Mexican poor, but shot us in our immigration feet too.

Read about Mexico's poverty.

Read about the percentage of Mexican undocumented in the US (58%).

Now check out this article about Mexican President Felipe Calderon, his horrendous 2006 US-backed drug war, and his current fellowship at Harvard University.

Our problems with illegal immigration are much more complex than either party in Washington wants us to know. Illegal immigration is just not about hungry people crossing our border in search of work and better lives. It is about the economies of the rich and how they profit off of self-induced poverty, illegal immigration and illegal drugs.

And it is for these reasons that the "powers to be" do not want us to solve these problems.


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