Friday, October 25, 2013

Everybody Wants Their Private Piece Of The Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) Pie

In response:

Everybody wants their own private piece of the comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) pie.  Meanwhile - the insidious home-country poverty that pushes people here to begin with is not even on the CIR radar screen.
Sure Washington - let's fix a broken system by failing to address the root cause of its illegal immigration. 

The real shame here is that people are suffering and dying, and will continue to suffer and die because many US voters are too busy to figure out what lurks below this decades-long sham:

Billions of US tax dollars being pumped into a border security system that profits best by being ineffective.  Billions of dollars annually being sent back to the undocumenteds' home country.  US NAFTA that actually pushes their profit-driven illegal immigration.

11.2 million undocumented ready to sell 13 years of labor for a chance at US citizenship.  Washington promising again to fix a broken system by pushing this CIR which will only guarantee the need for another "reform" some years down the road.

And why?  Because everybody wants a piece of that lucrative immigration reform pie.  Cheap undocumented labor, immigration clients, immigration courts, immigration prisoners, immigration deportees, immigration votes, immigration remittances, and the never-ending enrichment of the immigration border enforcement industrial complex. 

The real sham here is that CIR supports a profit driven system based upon home-country poverty that is necessary to keep the insidious cycle in place.  Poverty, illegal immigration, remittances, profit-driven undocumented labor, profit-driven border militarization, and profit-driven "reform" that leaves no doubt about this entire boondoggle happening again, and again. 

Meanwhile - US taxpayers will continue to endure the overcrowded hospital emergency room, losses of jobs, billions of tax-dollars wasted on border "security", and the undocumenteds' unfair demographic changes to those taxpayers home towns.     

Shame on all of you who participate in this horrendous scam.  We can stop this insanity.  It will take committed activists from all sides who are willing to expose the system for what it really is.

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