Monday, October 28, 2013

We Need An Immigration Revolution

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We Need An Immigration Revolution
From the article:

“This is not just an idea whose time has come; this is an idea whose time has been around for years now,” Obama said, standing alongside Vice President Biden. “It's good for our economy. It’s good for our national security. It's good for our people, and we should do it this year.”

President Obama here are the illegal immigration realities that have been around for years that you and Washington Immigration Reform profiteers fail to mention:

Profit-driven US economic policies produce poverty in the undocumenteds' home countries
Profit driven-poverty produces profit-driven illegal immigration into the US
Profit-driven illegal immigration into the US produces cheap labor and billions in remittances
Profit-driven illegal immigration produces profit-driven amnesty or immigration reform
Profit-driven immigration reform produces profit-driven votes for
Washington politicians
Profit-driven illegal immigration produces billions of tax dollars for crony security corporations
Profit-driven illegal immigration results in profit-driven border enforcement designed to be ineffective
Profit-driven reform results in billions of dollars for corporate H-1b visa programs
Profit-driven reform results in job losses for US citizens in high tech industries
Profit-driven illegal immigration results in a never-ending cycle of people crossing our border
Profit-driven illegal immigration results in people continuously dying crossing our border
Profit-driven reform results in over-crowded US hospital
emergency rooms and school rooms
Profit-driven reform results in unfair demographic changes for US hometowns
Profit-driven reform promises (bribes) the undocumented with US citizenship in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage
Profit-driven reform guarantees future immigration "reforms" brought to us by you and paid for by US taxpayers

I am sure there are a few "ideas" that have been around
for a years that not only I missed but that you missed too President Obama. Oh yes! The profit driven Mexican drug war that also promotes Mexican illegal immigration and thousands of asylum applications! Oh yes, that one.

Here are a few ideas about Mexico and the drug war that have been around for years that you guys ignore:

120,000 people killed in President Calderon's US backed, 2006, ongoing Mexican Drug War in which Calderon (now Pena-Nieto) uses Mexico's corrupt, murderous Mexican military to fight Mexican "organized crime"

Why did VP Biden forget to mention that fact during his recent speech in Mexico?

Americans have forgotten or never knew that the US lucrative (now institutionalized ) war on drugs started over 40 years ago

US and Mexico share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade (plus their undocumented, 62% of ours)

Mexico is our number 2 source of foreign oil Harvard University recent award of a fellowship for Mexico's 2006 Corrupt Drug War/NAFTA President!

Why don't you guys just admit it. Mexican trade, profit-driven illegal immigration, and illegal drug proceeds are more important to you than stopping illegal immigration or illegal drugs?

Wouldn't Mexico's economy (part of the tres NAFTA amigos) and possible ours collapse if we actually stopped illegal immigration or legalized drugs in the US?

Isn't Mexican oil and trade more important to you and your Washington profiteers than a few million US undocumented, a few thousand border deaths, and the billions in the costs and consequences suffered by US taxpayers because of your feigned border security and immigration "reform" fiascos?

Wouldn't the Mexican undocumented either go home or stay home if they could have similar prosperity working safely at home with their families?

You guys need military and drug wars to profit. You need failed health care systems that keep people sick in order to profit. You need Great 2008 recessions to profit. And -

For decades you have needed illegal immigration to keep profiting too.

That is the truth that has been around for years that you try and cover up with your immigration rhetoric, promises and propaganda.

We (the good people of the US and the good people of the undocumenteds' home countries) don't need your stinking, decades-old, regurgitated immigration reform.

We need an immigration revolution.


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