Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Must Answer" Immigration Reform Questions for the US Government

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"Must Answer" Immigration Reform Questions for the US Government

Would the Mexican undocumented (62% the undocumented in the US) come or stay in the US if they could get similar wages and services working safely at home with their families?

Although Mexico is a country with similar natural resources as the US, why does it maintain a poverty rate of 50% which pushes its poor to the US?

Has Clinton's NAFTA helped increase poverty in Mexico which has increased Mexican illegal immigration to the US?

Do US investors invest more capital in Mexico than other countries' investors invest in Mexico?

Why do we seldom if ever hear US politicians blame the corrupt Mexican government for the part it plays in causing their own citizens' illegal immigration to the US?

Why do we seldom if ever hear Washington politicians address the US backed Drug War in Mexico which has claimed (since 2006) some 120,000 lives?

Are the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, cheap labor, remittances and border surges more important (to you and the Mexican government) than the welfare of your own citizens?

Mexico and Syria switch off as the second largest source of oil to the US.  How much of a roll does oil play in your not stopping illegal immigration but allowing US taxpayers to suffer all of the US costs and consequences of said illegal immigration?

Why do US Border Patrol Agents have to chase people around like animals when many of those people come to the US to put food on not only their tables but ours too?

Why does Harvard University support ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon with a lucrative Harvard Fellowship? 

Why didn't Vice President Biden discuss the Mexican Drug War in his recent visit and political speech in Mexico?

Would the Mexican economy collapse if the US government actually deported and then stopped all Mexican undocumented from illegally entering the US?

Why hasn't the Mexican and US governments arrested or "taken out"  El Chapo Guzman, Mexico's most powerful drug lord?

Does the US border security industrial complex need the northern flow of illegal immigration and illegal drugs from Mexico in order to justify their existence? 

What part does Mexico play in our forty + year long failed war on drugs?

How much taxpayers' money does the US government give to Mexico for foreign aid and the Plan Merida (strategy to fight drugs in Latin America)?


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