Friday, October 25, 2013

CIR Is Wrong Because It Ignores Home-Country Poverty, Promotes Illegal Immigration, And Guarantees More Deaths On The Border

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CIR Is Wrong Because It Ignores Home-Country Poverty, Promotes Illegal Immigration, And Guarantees More Deaths On The Border

As a retired US Border Patrol Agent, I will go to the mat for the people's immigration revolution, not Washington's profit driven comprehensive immigration reform.

We (US taxpayers, the undocumented and all supporters of both) need to stand up to Washington profiteers and the undocumenteds' home country profiteers - and revolt.  We need to force them to fix their insidious profit-driven home-country poverty/US illegal immigration system once and for all.

For example: would those of you are Mexican undocumented either come to or stay in the US if you could have equal opportunities to prosper and work safely at home with your families?

You know in your hearts that this CIR does nothing to solve the very poverty and/or violence that made you or your parents decide to cross into the US.  I must say that although I understand your desire to improve your lives, your choice to push for this CIR does nothing to help your friends and families at home.  In fact this entire cycle will repeat itself and people will die crossing the border unless you act and we unite to put an end to this madness.

This CIR offers you the undocumented an unscrupulous bribe -  13 years of labor for a chance at US citizenship.  This CIR lies to US taxpayers again and rips them off for billions more dollars for border militarization that is designed to be ineffective in stopping undocumented people from making it in to the US. 

We (you, your friends and family at home, and US taxpayers) will all go through this nightmare again -  just as we did after Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA.

I know the majority of Americans want this to stop.  Some will be sympathetic to you.  Many will continue to incorrectly blame you for illegal immigration when the truth is the rich from your countries and the rich from ours are the ones that cause this.

I ask you to use your heads and say know to CIR.  CIR is wrong because it won't solve the problem of home-country poverty.  The same poverty that the US elite have helped your elite create. It therefore will not stop illegal immigration because they need your labor our tax dollars.  Most of all, CIR is very wrong because more people from your countries will die crossing the border and their deaths will be on not only the corrupt politicians hands, but yours too.

Don't play the game.  Don't make this deal with the devil's elite in your country or ours.

Let's unite to make the bi-national elite create prosperity in your country and therefore in ours too.
There are good people in the US and in your countries that can and will fix this once in for all. 

Yet it will take your unplugging from their CIR game.



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