Thursday, October 31, 2013

"¿Qué están esperando cabrones?" Pancho Villa

In response:

"¿Qué están esperando cabrones?"  Pancho Villa

Don't be discouraged.  CIR should die.  It should die because it does nothing to solve the very profit-driven poverty that drives illegal immigration that started this insidious problem to begin with.

It should die because it will do nothing to prevent more undocumented from dying while crossing our border in order to put food on their tables (and ours too).

We need a Global immigration revolution - one where people around the world would not be forced by their own governments to leave their homes in order to put food in their families' mouths.

One where people would not be forced into a system that requires them to escape their own homes and families in order to survive.  Forced into a system in which their home-country elite and ours profit off of the blood and tears of their own and each other country's citizens. 

You got to get this folks.  This problem is global and we in the United States can be on the front lines of solving this.  Did you know that the illegal immigration that takes place between the US and Mexico is simultaneously happening all over the world? 

Don't give me that crap that this isn't our problem.  It is our problem because our government condones, conceals and profits from it.

And if there are any of you out there who want to start attacking the real problem - count me in. 
I am thinking a bi-national (Mexico/US) peaceful border protest that would rock the world would be a good start.

Just imagine.  11.2 million undocumented, their supporters, US citizens who want this immigration nightmare to end, Mexican citizens affected by the US backed Mexican drug war, the countless family members who have been affected be NAFTA created poverty and record deportations, the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico who have been mistreated  and disenfranchised by the Mexican government and/or other governments who try and steal their resources, Native Americans who have been mistreated, murdered, and disenfranchised since "America's"  beginning, Black Americans who are still praying for Dr. King's Dream,  White Americans who have been ripped off by The Great Recession of 2008, failed health care and the lies of the Iraq War, and all other minorities who have been used and abused for the elite's American Dream.....

Read what Chris Hedges (a personal hero of mine) writes:

I wish Pancho Villa was still alive.  He is not - and not to many people like him are, but his words make me smile:   "¿Qué están esperando cabrones?"

What are you bastards waiting for?

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