Friday, October 4, 2013

Immigration Reform: Everyone Jumps To Grab His Or Her Own Greedy Little Piece

In response:

This is so sad.  Millions of undocumented people coerced by Washington into a form of labor peonage that not only sells each of them out on their own integrity but sells each of their families and friends out back home too. 

By accepting this insidious immigration reform with its system of profitized illegal immigration we all ignore the undocumenteds' home country poverty as the decades-long, profitable cause of illegal immigration.

The undocumented and their supporters selfishly rally for reform in order to trade 13 years of labor peonage for a possible chance at US citizenship.  By accepting Washington's bribe they set up their home country friends and families for future sell-outs as illegal immigration will continue.

How many more undocumented people will die trying to cross our increasingly militarized border as  our government hides the truth behind illegal immigration for labor, border surges, and future forms of amnesty/labor peonage that they plan to profit from?

How many more decades will this madness go on because all of us - the undocumented, their supporters, and US taxpayers on both sides of the fence - continue to allow the US government and the undocumenteds' home country governments to rape their own citizens for immigration profit?

Anyone who jumps to grab his or her own greedy little piece of this immigration reform swindle is no different than the any of the self-serving politicians who use it for bribery and their own self-enrichment. 

I say no to their corrupt immigration reform.  I say no until Washington and the undocumenteds'  home country governments address the parts that they each play in the disgraceful poverty/illegal immigration cycle they capitalize upon.


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