Monday, October 14, 2013

Think Again: Our Entire Profitized Illegal Immigration System Is A Scam!

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Think Again:   Our Entire Profitized Illegal Immigration System Is A Scam!

It amazes me how many Americans approve of their tax dollars being spent on Operation Streamline when there is little or no evidence that it actually works as a deterrent to illegal immigration.

They can't see that Operation Streamline is just another link in the chain of profitized US illegal immigration scams. 

For instance, the Washington and Mexican elite create home-country poverty which pushes people here.  Someone makes billions arresting, detaining, housing, convicting and deporting the undocumented.  Oops!  I forget the border surge billions that Washington's cronies get too! 

Meanwhile - Washington gains political capital by throwing in an amnesty du jour every few decades or so.  This is the carrot that keeps the undocumented coming back.  Someone in the US profits off of the cheap labor and those border surge billions taken from our tax dollars.  The undocumenteds' home-country elite get to take advantage of the billions in remittances that are sent back home to their countries annually. 

Shouldn't those corrupt home-country governments be running their countries in such a way that the undocumented would stop coming here to begin with?  Do you think that is not possible or that the way that it is now is not designed for profit?

Think again:  our entire profitized illegal immigration system is a scam.  US taxpayers are just as much pawns in the game as the undocumented are.
Many US taxpayers just haven't taken the time to figure it out yet.   

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