Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Lost or Missing Immigration Reform Moral Compasses Point From Many Directions

Our Lost or Missing Immigration Reform Moral Compasses Point From Many Directions   

Mr. Gonzalez seems to think that if immigration reform were to fail that the lost or missing immigration moral compass only points to Congress and ICE. 

Do not the undocumenteds' corrupt home country governments (run by their morally and financially corrupt home country elite) share some responsibility in this nightmare too?  For example - would the Mexican undocumented come or stay in the US if that famously corrupt government of theirs provided similar wages and services to their own citizens in Mexico?

Nope.  But unfortunately for them and for us there is simply too much profit being made in the insidious immigration status quo for either government to fix it.

In fact that proverbial lost or missing moral compass knows no borders and always points to greed and graft regardless of what country, government, or people abuse it and therefore lose it.  

I say we as Americans have lost our individual moral compasses when we do not take the time to learn and address the underlying causes of illegal immigration.  This mess is oh so much bigger than  Washington's propaganda of failed immigration reform and record deportations that is currently being dished out to us.  

Washington's (and therefore our own) NAFTA actually exacerbated Mexican poverty (now at 50%) which helped create our now record high 11.2 million undocumented in the US.

NAFTA has created substantial wealth for the bi-national elite (1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade).  Mexico is our number two source of oil, number one source of illegal drugs, and number one source of undocumented (at 62%).  Don't forget all of the remittances, guns, and illegal drug cash that flows south from the US too.

So tell me who has lost their moral compasses when we stand by and let two morally and financially corrupt governments get away with using poverty and graft in order to rape their own citizens?

Mr. Gonzalez why are you not outraged and reporting about the fact that ex Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon has fled his own US backed Mexican drug war and now enjoying a lucrative fellowship given by the Harvard elite as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader? 

I am not saying that what Mr. Gonzalez writes about is not true - because it is.  With that said, writing about the possibility of immigration reform failing and the record amounts of deportations continuing while saying and doing absolutely nothing about the illegal immigration being caused by US backed home-country poverty is wrong. 

Washington's pending immigration reform does nothing to address the insidious government sponsored poverty for profit that pushes people here.  In fact - Washington's pending immigration reform by design will only continue the problem and not resolve it.

So are we not all negligent as we watch this cycle continue and repeat itself (poverty - illegal immigration for profit - immigration reform for profit)?

The fact that we as Americans do not make Washington and Los Pinos (Mexico's version of our White House) admit their own responsibility in the creation of US - Mexican  illegal immigration translates to us all losing or missing our own moral compasses. 

Anyone who supports this immigration reform without recognizing poverty as the root cause of US illegal immigration has lost his or her moral compass just as have our Washington political profiteers.


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