Friday, October 4, 2013

Congressional Fleas Bite and Wag US - The All American Dog

In response:

Congressional Fleas Bite and Wag US - the All American Dog

Isn't time for a complete self-grooming of these destructive, abusive congressional fleas?  You know - give our man's best friend selves the works - full bath, hair cut, nail clip and flea dip? 

It's time for the leeching mangy congressional parasites to disappear!

It is time for us to clean up our own All American Dog selves so that we can prosper and be happy!

We put our faith and trust in our Washington masters.  Yet they keep kicking and whipping us like we are no good!  We now snarl our collective K-9's, bite back and attack their kicking legs and whipping hands!

You psychotic abusers are messing with the land of the All American Dog and our All American puppies!  We will defend to the death our homes and families!

Find yourselves some smelly old bears to leech off of but not us! 

We know how you mistreat us and are trying to teach us to fight each other.  Didn't Michael Vick go to jail for that?  You should too!

We are not sleeping dogs and you can not let us lie!  You are about to be introduced to our Junk Yard Dog capabilities!

Your congressional worms and mosquitos keep trying to disease our hearts but you forget the courage and loyalty of We The All American Dog.

You think that you are some special breed.  You are trying to turn us into mangy mutts.  You are barking up the wrong tree.

We will bag you up in our own poop bags and put you out on the street for the All American Dog's "Take The Washington Trash Out" Day.


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