Monday, October 7, 2013

Bi-National Drug War Elite Bank Upon American Exceptionalists' Ignorance and Tax Dollars Too

In response:

Take a peek at how many typical HP posters heartlessly bash and blame the Mexican victims of the horrific US backed Mexican Drug War. 

I don't know which is more disgraceful:  Washington politicians who ignore this insidious war or the shameful comments of Americans who disgustingly display their exceptionalist ignorance of  the appalling nightmare occurring to our neighbors to the south.

Many Americans do not even realize drug war consequences that they themselves pay the bills for.  How about one trillion dollars over 40+ years poured an industry that has resulted in the highest prison population in the world and US street drugs being more prevalent and powerful than ever before?  Don't forget the billions of your tax dollars that annually go towards all of the nationwide judicial/law enforcement jobs and drug industry budgets. 

My God how many of you out there have not had drug addiction affect you or someone who you know or love?  Yet you bash innocent Mexican people whose corrupt government uses its corrupt military to go to war against rival cartel competitors resulting in the collateral governmental induced slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent people?  On top of that you do not question why your own government no only supports this war but uses your tax dollars to help fund it?

Then you say it is not our problem?  Our prisons are full of people convicted of drug-related crimes but the Mexican drug war is not our problem?  Where do you think the vast majority of US street drugs come from - Mars?  Are you really so naïve to think that US banks do not launder Mexican drug profits?  Do you have any idea of the US profits made from US weapons flowing south?

The bi-national elite are raking in billions from legal and illegal trade.  Our own Department of State states that legal trade is at 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.   Mexico is our number two source of all.

Do you think Mexican trade and oil profits are why Vice President Joe Biden shamefully publically ignored mentioning the drug war topic during his recent visit to Mexico?

Are you not even a bit suspicious about ex-Mexican "100,00 Dead" Drug War President currently enjoying a lucrative fellowship at Harvard University?

Clinton's NAFTA caused he largest influx of undocumented into the US in recorded history.

So go ahead HP posters.  Blame the innocent victims of the US backed Mexican Drug War.  The bi-national elite who profit from this nightmare are (pardon the pun) banking upon your American exceptionalist ignorance and your tax dollars too.

Or take a step in another direction.  Support LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)

Sign our appeal to Harvard University:  Just say no to 100,000 drug war president Felipe Calderon:



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