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Profitized Mexican Illegal Immigration: Our Bi-National Disgrace

In response:

In response:

Profitized Mexican Illegal Immigration:  Our Bi-National Disgrace

It has taken me twenty-six years working as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent and another eight more years of study in retirement to figure out just exactly how the bi-national elite who run our two governments (US and Mexico) profit from continued Mexican illegal immigration.   

I choose Mexico because I am most familiar with that country.  Also the majority of our undocumented (62%) are Mexican.
I could actually plug in any other country that pushes its poor into the US  (El Salvador, Guatemala, etc.) and the story would be the same.

It is important to understand how Clinton's 1994 NAFTA pushed record amounts of the Mexican poor into the US:

It is also important to understand the cozy economic relations that the US and Mexican rich have:

To summarize the first above article, our own government's NAFTA helped create poverty in Mexico which in turn created the 6.94 million record amount of Mexican undocumented that we have present in the US today (62% of 11.2 million).

Isn't someone shooting us in the foot concerning illegal immigration?  Yet notice how the Mexican elite benefit by the billions of dollars in yearly remittances pumped back into the Mexico and their economy:

In second article above the US State Department touts the lovely relations the two countries have as 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade fattens someone's bi-national pockets. 

Fast forward to today's pending immigration reform legislation.  Washington is trying to legalize some 11.2 million undocumented as Registered Provisional Immigrants.  This boils down to a new sub-class status of peonage laborers who might get US citizenship after 13 more years of hard labor.

For US taxpayers it boils down to billions more of their tax dollars being pumped into Washington's crony border security industries' black hole.

Not to mention the continued job losses, overcrowding of hospital emergency rooms, and the unfair hometown demographic changes these US citizens will endure as the run up to the next wave of undocumented surely builds steam.

What more evidence do the good people of the US and Mexico need in order to see how not only their own governments but their neighboring governments are simultaneously raping them too?

This is truly a bi-national disgrace.  Two governments conspire to create poverty in order to profitize illegal immigration that they both financially benefit from.  Meanwhile common citizens from both countries suffer the costs and consequences of their government's profitized illegal immigration.

How many people will die crossing the border because of this setup?  How many deported Mexican criminals will again slip through because the US Border Patrol is overwhelmed chasing so many other "economic aliens"?

To put the icing on the cake Washington turns a blind eye to the US backed Mexican Drug War that since 2006 has sacrificed some 120,000 people (the majority of which were collaterally slaughtered innocent bystanders). 

And the cherry on top is ex-Mexican Drug War Czar/President Felipe Calderon being rewarded a year long Harvard fellowship for being such a talented NAFTA/Drug War CEO?

This disgraceful bi-national conspiracy of profitized illegal immigration and illegal drugs needs to be exposed and stopped for the murderous, insidious scam that it is.      


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