Saturday, October 12, 2013

Illegal Drugs Are Bad Therefore The War On Drugs Is Good, Right?

Is it possible for us all to step back and look at America's "war on drugs" for what it is? 

This is no easy task.  I do not know of a single person who has not been affected by illegal drugs or drug addiction.  Who does not have, know or heard a story about a family member, friend or a friend of a friend who has been hurt in some way by illegal drugs? 

So with all this hurt caused by the consumption of - and the addiction to - illegal drugs, the war against drugs must be good, right?

That is exactly what Washington wants you to believe.  Yet what is the truth behind their commonly accepted bumper sticker propaganda about the 40+ year long drug war? 

Herein lies the sticky part that most Americans do not want to grapple with.  If God does bless America then we must trust in and believe in our Government's attempts to eradicate this horrible plague, right?

Yet the smoke is starting to seep through the cracks in our walls, floors the ceilings.  There is a stench that only the most stressed out, distracted or brainwashed citizens could possibly ignore.  

How long has our drug war been going on?  How much has it cost us?  Why is our current prison population the highest in the world?  How many US backed coups d'état or regime changes has the US Government and the CIA caused in Latin America alone?

What amazes me at age 62 is the enormous profits being made from the "good and bad" sides of this problem.  One trillion dollars spent on illegal drug enforcement industries and God only know how many trillions of dollars made by the illegal drug cartel industries?

Does anyone really believe that either the "good or bad" sides of this multiple billion dollar annual industry wants to kill the goose that lays these golden narco-eggs?       

If all of that conspiracy talk makes you go blank, how about just taking a fresh look at the recent 2006 Mexican Drug War?  How many of you know that it rages on today?  How many of you know how many people have died in Mexico's US supported drug war?  How many of you honestly believe that the Mexican government would actually use its military to end the narcotics trade in Mexico?

How many of you would refuse to consider the possibility that the above two articles and Ms. Carlsen's article are the truth and not simply liberal propaganda?



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