Thursday, October 24, 2013

Letter To President Obama re: Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Letter To President Obama re:  Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Dear President Obama,

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I know that the major cause of Mexican illegal immigration (62% of our undocumented) is Mexican poverty.

Washington's CIR regretfully says or does absolutely nothing about Mexican poverty -  yet you want my support for CIR? 

Mr. President I have worked during Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA - both of which promised to effectively control illegal immigration but did the exact opposite.  As a result Mr. President the undocumented demographics of my small town of San Jacinto California make it unrecognizable from the town that I grew up in and loved. This CIR will do nothing about the presently over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, and losses of jobs that my hometown friends are dealing with today.  In fact, despite all of the billions of more dollars poured in "border security" my educated guess is that history will repeat itself and this situation will only get worse.    
This CIR will continue the insidious cycle or profit-driven poverty and profit-driven illegal immigration .  More innocent people will die crossing the border in anticipation of our next "reform".

Please Sir - how can 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico result in their poverty rate being at 50%?  How about the 120,000 people killed in Calderon's US backed Mexican drug war? 

How in God's name can you support that corrupt, murderous Mexican government as it horrendously uses its corrupt military to annihilate its own people and ours too?

Then ex-Mexican Drug War President Calderon is awarded Harvard's 2012 First Angelopoulos Global Leader's award and lucrative fellowship?

Permission to speak candidly President Obama - who are you guys trying to kid?

I am saddened and ashamed as this CIR bribes 11.2 million undocumented people with a promise of US citizenship in exchange for 13 years of CIR labor peonage.

We could economically sanction Mexico until it cleans up its act.  Of course that would mean standing up to the profiteers who benefit from this current CIR and the unequivocally certain immigration "reforms" to follow. 


John Randolph

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