Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why Does Not One CIR Politician or Group Address The Root Cause Of Illegal Immigration?

Why Does Not One CIR Politician or Group Address The Root Cause Of Illegal Immigration?    

That is one point you won't find on any of these propagandized charts.  Do you wonder why?

Common sense questions should supersede any corporate charts or statistical mumbo jumbo every time.  

Would the undocumented choose to come or stay here if they had similar opportunities at prosperity working and living at home with their families?

Who profits from labor and remittances provided by undocumented immigration?

Ask yourselves this - why are no Washington CIR politicians or their supporters addressing the poverty in undocumenteds' home counties as a possible cause and cure to US illegal immigration?

Who profits from border militarization, immigration prisons, immigration deportations, and immigration reform provided by decades of continual illegal immigration?

Who profits from NAFTA despite the fact that it created the largest influx of undocumented people into the US ever?

Who suffers the costs and consequences of illegal immigration into the US?  Our millionaire politicians or our average taxpayers who deal with overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, job losses to the undocumented, and unfair undocumented demographic changes to their home towns?

Explain to your friends how comprehensive immigration reform always enriches the home-country and US elite first (remittances, 11.2 million laborers in peonage, billions for their border security cronies, political sway), the undocumented second, and US taxpayer's third.

How dare these millionaire US politicians who don't "live in the trenches" with the US middle class, US poor, or the US undocumented push CIR solely as a means to stay in office, gain political power, or profit for themselves and/or cronies.

The US elite not suffer the costs and consequences of profit-driven illegal immigration any more than their corrupt counter-parts in Mexico (El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua etc.) do.

All of these people (Washington politicians, their home-country compadres, the undocumented and their supporters,  The Border Security Industrial Complex, The Corrections Corporation of America,
the H1-b Zuckerberg's of America, immigration lawyers, etc. have vested, profit-driven self-interests in CIR) -  none of which address or solve the problem of illegal immigration.


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