Thursday, October 24, 2013

Washington's Immigration Reform - Don't Touch Mexico's Golden Labor, Drugs, Oil, or Trade!

Washington's Immigration Reform - Don't Touch Mexico's Golden Labor, Drugs, Oil, or Trade!

Immigration reform - as it applied to Mexican illegal immigration - is such an insidious, unethical scam.  

How can Washington reform illegal immigration without addressing the undocumenteds' horrendous home-country poverty as its root cause? 

It would be comparable to politicians trying to solve a drought by not discussing water, their control of the water (that creates the drought), or the enormous profits they and their cronies make by creating and maintaining the drought.

Earth to Americans - connect the dots!  Mexican illegal immigration constitutes 62% of our undocumented.  Mexico has a poverty rate of 50%.  Clinton's NAFTA pushed more undocumented into the US than at any other previous time (3 million to 11.2 million).  The Mexican and US elite share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  Mexico is our number two source of foreign oil.  US investors invest more foreign capital in Mexico than any other investors do.  The Mexican economy (and therefore ours) would tank without the billions upon billions of dollars in remittances and illegal drug profits pumped south annually.

Look at how our on US Department of State glorifies "our" relations with Mexico!

Is it any wonder that Washington remains mum about their backing of the Mexican drug war that since 2006 has left some 120,000 dead?  How about their Mexican tyrant President Calderon currently serving as a Harvard fellow despite his legacy of corruption and blood?

Is it any wonder that Washington's  immigration reform will not touch the goose that lays Mexico's golden labor, golden drugs, golden oil, and golden trade?

Never mind that 120,000 people have been slaughtered in their co-corrupt war FOR drugs.  Never mind about the undocumented who die and will continue to die crossing our border.  Never mind the overcrowded emergency rooms, losses of jobs, billions in border security costs, and unfair demographic changes US citizens have to suffer.         

Never mind that 11.2 million undocumented are so desperate for a better life that they will sell 13 years of labor for a chance at US citizenship and family unification.  Never mind that "immigration reform" institutionalizes the entire process and guarantees another reform/amnesty/overhaul scam down the road.

Mexican illegal immigration translates into bi-nationally created poverty which produces profit-driven illegal immigration and ensuing profit-driven immigration reform. 

Priceless.  Simply priceless.

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