Tuesday, October 29, 2013

They Fiddle Around While America Burns

In response:

They Fiddle Around While America Burns

"The movement of goods and money is governed by global norms and institutions. The movement of people is not. The most intimate form of globalization is the least orderly and least understood."

The movement of people is not governed by global norms and institutions?
Migration - legal and not - is the least orderly and least understood? 

Seriously?  You people at Oxford and The Atlantic might as well move to and write from other space.

Home-country poverty is co-created by the migrants' blood-sucking home-country elite and the US blood-sucking elite.  Both groups force legal and illegal immigration to the US where that same American blood-sucking elite will profit from the migrants' bloody, laboring hands.

What in God's name is not orderly or understood about that?

Then those laboring migrants' will send remittances back home to their families (as they have done for decades) because that same blood-sucking home-country elite have stolen every chance at legitimate prosperity from their own hard-working citizens.

Earth to Oxford.....come in Oxford?  Aw, never mind.

Your rosy assimilation propaganda does not take into account the millions of US taxpayers who suffer the over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, job losses, and unfair hometown demographic changes (not the mention the billions of tax dollars flushed down the elite's border security, designed to be ineffective, black hole) shoved down their throats, now does it?

Least orderly and least understood my foot.

You guys keep fiddling around while America burns - and stay tuned.

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