Thursday, August 21, 2014

Washington Deceivingly Attempts To Reform A System That Thrives Upon Decades Of Failure

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Washington Deceivingly Attempts To Reform A System That Thrives Upon Decades Of Failure

Just stop and think for one minute.  Do you actually think Washington wants to effectively reform a system that has made money for its cronies for decades?

Are you willing to consider that the system is designed to be ineffective and that Washington's cronies profit from that ineffectiveness?

Here is how it works.  Create profitable, elitist trade polices (NAFTA/CAFTA) that exacerbate poverty and disparities in wealth in the undocumenteds' home countries.  Maintain ineffective border and interior enforcement agencies that are never given the resources to effectively get the job done.  Witness crony corporations illegally hire the undocumented laborers knowing that the chances of said corporate cronies getting caught are slim.  Why do you think E-verify and similar systems dating back to Reagan's 1986 Amnesty have not and never will be mandatory? 

Have the undocumenteds' home country elite's economies become dependent upon billions of  dollars in remittances being sent home annually.  Have the economic elite - in the US (and Mexico for example) share 1.25 billion dollars a day in NAFTA cross border trade while the disparity in wealth in both countries continues to climb to unprecedented levels.

Create border and interior enforcement agencies that employ tens of thousands of Americans while annually costing US taxpayers billions to fund.   Never admit that a continuing influx of undocumented and illegal drugs are necessary components for those agencies (and their privatized cronies) to thrive.  

This is oh so hauntingly similar to perpetual wars and the US Military Industrial Complex.

Create a political narrative that does not address our own government's responsibility for exacerbating the very illegal immigration that Washington claims to want to reform.

Do you know about and/or remember "our" 40+ year long war on drugs?  For over 40 years billions of US tax dollars have been pumped down that "border security" black hole too.  The results of  Washington's drug and immigration "wars"?  Illegal drugs and undocumented people somehow keep increasing while Washington keeps asking for more money to "solve" both problems.

If you really study both topics you will discover that Washington has no real intention of killing the golden goose that keeps laying those golden drug and labor infused eggs.

Washington's real immigration reform?   Continue the insidiously deceiving narrative that "immigration is broken".  Meanwhile continue to hide the truth.

It ain't really broke and we don't intend to effectively ever fix it.  There is simply too much money being made maintaining the failed status quo.


Monday, August 18, 2014

The Majority Of Americans Believe Washington's Fallacious Illegal Immigration Narrative

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The Majority Of Americans Believe Washington's Fallacious Illegal Immigration Narrative



adjective: fallacious
1.based on a mistaken belief.

"fallacious arguments"


erroneous, false, untrue, wrong, incorrect, flawed, inaccurate, mistaken, misinformed, misguided;

specious, spurious, bogus, fictitious, fabricated, made up; groundless, unfounded, ill-founded, unproven, unsupported, uncorroborated; informal, phony, full of holes

"we almost printed his fallacious information"

Washington's own NAFTA and CAFTA trade agreements with the undocumenteds' home country elite exacerbate poverty in those home countries and push/pull the undocumented into the US.
US corporations - despite immigration laws preventing the hiring of the undocumented - use undocumented laborers for their own selfish needs. Billions of dollars in remittances - annually sent back to the undocumenteds' home countries- benefit said elite's home country economies .

Beyond the insidious labor for remittance trade-off, Washington's "border security" cronies make billions of US tax dollars in their feeble attempts to control border and interior illegal immigration.

Washington's bogus narrative about illegal immigration is not unlike their 40+ year long, failed "war on drugs" fantasy.

Create a problem and then create laws to "fix" the problem. Then simultaneously reap profits from the "legal" enforcement industries and never-ending ineffectiveness of those same enforcement industries.

Of course political careers are continuously "made or broken" by this scam.

Meanwhile the causal factors of illegal immigration - trade policies that create poverty, illegal immigration and benefit the US and undocumented's home country elite - are buried beneath Washington's fallacious illegal immigration and immigration reform narratives.

Sadly these causal factors of illegal immigration never reach the immigration "radar screens" of the minds of the majority of American's .


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What Does Washington Have In Common With Illegal Immigration?

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What Does Washington Have In Common With Illegal Immigration? 

Both created by the rich in order to use and abuse common people - not only in the US but the undocumenteds' home countries too.

One created for the insidious abuse of millions of laborers and their remittances;  the other created for the abuse of billions of US tax dollars fraudulently used to prevent the first.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Came First? The Chicken (bomb) Or The (Jihadist) Egg?

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What Came First?  The Chicken (bomb) Or The (Jihadist) Egg?

Who said:  Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword?

Netanyahu and his right wing, Zionist, Militant-extremist supporters will not stop until "mowing the lawn" turns into rototilling all Palestinians into the earth.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Do You Trust Washington's And Israel's Narratives About Gaza And Palestine?

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Do You Trust Washington's And Israel's Narratives About Gaza And Palestine?

I am ashamed of many Americans who simply buy into US and Israeli narratives about Gaza and Palestine without researching any history of Palestine after WWII.

This crisis is much more complex than "Hamas terrorists" firing rockets into Israel and Israel having the "right to defend itself".  And if that is your only understanding of the situation and you base your narratives upon a limited understanding, I dare say you are part of this decades-old problem and have nothing to offer as a real solution.


Do you know when the state of Israel was created by the UN?
Do you know who received the majority of the Palestinian's land via that UN decision?
Do you know how many Palestinians were forced to leave their homes with the Israeli government's still unfulfilled promise that those Palestinians would have the right to return?
Do you know how much Palestinian land was taken after the UN decision and subsequent wars?
Do you know about illegal Jewish settlements in Palestine?
Do you know about the Israeli blockade of Gaza?
Do you know that Gazans rely upon tunnels from Egypt for ordinary necessities of life (denied by Israel's blockade)?
Do you know that Israel controls Gaza's water and medical supplies?
Do you know that Israel has and is illegally using 100 ton white phosphorous, DIME and flechette bombs?
Do you know that Israel flies drones over Gaza 24/7 in war time and not?
Do you know that the US gives Israel 3 billion in aide every year, and much of that is military aide that requires that Israel by US made weapons?
Do you know what the Zionist military term "mow the lawn" means?
Do you know that it is the militant, right-wing Zionist's goal to annihilate Palestinians?

I ask you to listen to the story of Miko Peled who grew up in Jerusalem and whose father was an Israeli general.  Included in Mr. Peled's story is the death of his niece by teenage Palestinian suicide bombers.

Take sometime to educate yourselves.  Unfortunately Washington's narrative about Israel, not unlike its narrative about health care, The Iraq War, The Drug War, Illegal Immigration, The Great Recession of 2008, etc., is predominately false and self-serving for hawks worldwide.

Here is another point of view you might consider:



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Disgraceful Inhuman Ignorance Of Israel's Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine

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Disgraceful Inhuman Ignorance Of Israel's Ethnic Cleansing Of  Palestine

Each time Israel's Zionists decide to "mow the lawn" it gets covered with more rubble and toxic dust from Israeli 100 ton white phosphorus bombs.  This is of course designed to make it harder for the Palestinian "lawn" to grow, recover, revive and prosper. 

Nothing can grow without water and nutrition - both of which Israel effectively controls in Palestine. 

And look at the readers' posts - mostly ignorant American exceptionalists who rave about Israel's removal of the Hamas "weeds" in Palestine.  "Weeds" originally planted and nurtured by the very Zionists who continue to use them as an excuse to insidiously remove all indigenous Palestinian "blades of grass".    

Shame on you all for your typical inhuman ignorance to this ethnic cleansing of  Palestinians by Zionists.

 "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." - Albert Einstein


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Death (To Palestine) By One Thousand Cuts (AKA Israel's Mowing's Of Palestine's Lawn)

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Death (To Palestine) By One Thousand Cuts (AKA Israel's Mowing's Of Palestine's Lawn)

Israel has known about Hamas' rockets and tunnels in Gaza for years. Israel drones watch everything, 24-7. Their intelligence apparatus knows what is taking place in Gaza 24/7.

Netanyahu simply waits. He lets the rocket stockpile build up. Then just like clockwork an atrocity miraculously occurs that starts the predominately ineffective Hamas rockets flying.

Salivating at the mouth Netanyahu now has an excuse to "lower the boom" and "mow the lawn".
Each time the lawn is mowed shorter and shorter. Each time it never quite comes back the way it was.

Meanwhile Washington touts that Israel has the right to defend it self despite the hundreds of kids who are killed.

Please listen to Ralph Nader's one hour talk on Gaza.

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." - Albert Einstein

Monday, August 4, 2014

Washington's Illegal Immigration Narrative Is One Big Lie

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Washington's Illegal Immigration Narrative Is One Big Lie

Just like our 40+ year long war on drugs that has proven to be a failure.  Now failed drug enforcement has become a way of life for American drug enforcement industries and American politicians.

Consider all of the jobs, billions in salaries and billions for enforcement related industry lobbyists that are dependent upon this continuing failure.   And God forbid that we consider the billions in dark money that is made by banks, corrupt trading partners and US clandestine agencies fighting "terrorists". 

Illegal immigration is running a close second to this decades' old border drug war battle to nowhere.  Billions of dollars have been poured into Washington's cronies border security "black hole" - yet some 70 thousand Central American kids can ride "La Bestia" through the corruption hurdles Mexico in order to turn themselves in at the US border?

For decades now Washington's profiteering illegal immigration politicians have set the false immigration narrative that leave many Americans divided and angry.  "Secure The Border/Deport them all on one side, "Reform" on the other and all points in between set Washington's  purposely misleading illegal immigration propaganda.  

And as long as American's regurgitate Washington's false illegal immigration propaganda as a "fix" to this problem, this insidious self-inflicted nightmare will drag on and on.

Shift your focus folks.  Consider that economic profit might be the actual reason that illegal immigration continues.  In my opinion as a 26-year retired US Border Patrol/ICE agent and 9 years of personal study - this entire mess is about maintaining a continual source of undocumented labor, remittances, NAFTA/CAFTA created poverty/profits and billions upon billions of US tax dollars funneled down Washington's cronies' "border security boodle" black hole.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Washington's Predictable, Decades' Long Illegal Immigration Scam

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Washington's Predictable, Decades' Long Illegal Immigration Scam

You see how Washington illegal immigration profiteers tap-dance around illegal immigration?  "Let 'em in or boot 'em out" ad infinitum.  Year after year, decade after decade.  Millions of lives affected.  Billions of US tax dollars pumped down Washington's cronies' "border security" black hole.  Thousands of border deaths.

Washington's NAFTA, CAFTA and 40+  year long failed drug war are seldom considered or rarely  discussed as the true casual factors of US illegal immigration and all of this suffering.

And why I hope you ask? 

You have to unhook your thinking from Washington's illegal  immigration narrative or you can bet your bottom dollar that your kids and grandkids will be regurgitating Washington's same, dead-end illegal immigration rhetoric years from now.

Theirs is an insidious system of profit-driven illegal immigration.  Profit from undocumented labor.  Profit from billions upon billions of US tax dollars in crony "border security" and "drug war" boodle.   Billions of dollars in remittances pumped back into their crony home-country elite's economies.  Billions in NAFTA/CAFTA trade dollars that just do not quite trickle down to actually benefit the undocumented or US tax payers.  "Immigration reform" paraded as a "fix" to illegal immigration when it in fact will only bring millions more undocumented here to the US and cause thousands more border deaths.

You have to jump off of Washington's never-ending, illegal immigration, merry-go-round blabber and see what is driving this insanity. 

Check out Biden's 2013 speech to the Mexican NAFTA economic elite.  See how he represents the American NAFTA elite and throws US taxpayers under Washington's illegal immigration reform bus:

Stop fighting among yourselves and blaming this or that illusionary faction of Washington's kleptocracy parading as a democracy.  This is exactly what they want you to do in order to hide or distract you from their greed-driven, underlying cancers of their illegal-immigration truths.

Finally consider this article about global undocumented labor.  It certainly helps me understand why the border and interior immigration laws are never successfully enforced.  It explains that Washington's pattern is the same as the global elite's pattern.  

Consider who wrote this article and why no major Washington influenced US newspaper would publish it.  Don't kill the Aljazeera messenger before considering what is said.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Washigton's Continues To Hide Its Own Self-Inflicted, Illegal-Immigration Culpableness

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Washigton's Continues To Hide Its Own Self-Inflicted, Illegal-Immigration Culpableness

Washington has sold American taxpayers' souls to its crony Mexican and Central American NAFTA, CAFTA and drug war elite causing this illegal immigration crisis and the preponderance of all other illegal immigration crises to the US.

Who cashes in on the labor of millions of undocumented workers, billions in remittances sent home, billions in drug war boodle, billions in border security boodle -and- in the example of Mexico - 1.25 billion dollars a day in NAFTA cross border trade?

Those who cash in could care less about this current illegal immigration crisis or any of the others that will - without a doubt - follow. 

Nope.  They all live way above the locations that are forced to absorb their self-inflicted illegal immigration blowback. 

Washington now wants to use "immigration reform" to set the US undocumented count back to zero.

Yep.  Just as it did with Reagan's 1986 Amnesty.  From some 3 million undocumented in 1986 to some 12 million today.  Is it fair to say that the next "reform/amnesty" will be in the 48 million or more undocumented range?

And the costs to taxpayers? Reagan's Amnesty was some 900 million.  Today the Senate's S.744 is some 46.3 billion.  Feel free to do the math on the next fiasco to come.  

And do any of these immigration reform profiteers say one word about the millions more undocumented who will surely come or the thousands more border deaths immigration reform will certainly cause?  How about the NAFTA, CAFTA and US drug war-related suffering Washington's
policies will cause to the poor people of Latin America? 

How about Washington's pending TPP?

How about the effects this continues to have upon US taxpayers?  They are the ones who have to  absorb the unfair job losses, medical, educational and home-town demographic changes to their lives - not Washington politicians or their corrupt sponsors.

Not to mention the billions more in taxpayers' dollars pumped down Washington's cronies' border security black hole.

You know every one of us has the responsibility to call this sham for what it is.  Otherwise we simply regurgitate Washington's national illegal immigration narrative that has nothing to do with the actual self-inflicted cause of illegal immigration.

Yep.  That shameful, national illegal immigration atrocity that Washington imposes upon "We The People" and "They The Undocumented People".