Friday, August 1, 2014

Washigton's Continues To Hide Its Own Self-Inflicted, Illegal-Immigration Culpableness

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Washigton's Continues To Hide Its Own Self-Inflicted, Illegal-Immigration Culpableness

Washington has sold American taxpayers' souls to its crony Mexican and Central American NAFTA, CAFTA and drug war elite causing this illegal immigration crisis and the preponderance of all other illegal immigration crises to the US.

Who cashes in on the labor of millions of undocumented workers, billions in remittances sent home, billions in drug war boodle, billions in border security boodle -and- in the example of Mexico - 1.25 billion dollars a day in NAFTA cross border trade?

Those who cash in could care less about this current illegal immigration crisis or any of the others that will - without a doubt - follow. 

Nope.  They all live way above the locations that are forced to absorb their self-inflicted illegal immigration blowback. 

Washington now wants to use "immigration reform" to set the US undocumented count back to zero.

Yep.  Just as it did with Reagan's 1986 Amnesty.  From some 3 million undocumented in 1986 to some 12 million today.  Is it fair to say that the next "reform/amnesty" will be in the 48 million or more undocumented range?

And the costs to taxpayers? Reagan's Amnesty was some 900 million.  Today the Senate's S.744 is some 46.3 billion.  Feel free to do the math on the next fiasco to come.  

And do any of these immigration reform profiteers say one word about the millions more undocumented who will surely come or the thousands more border deaths immigration reform will certainly cause?  How about the NAFTA, CAFTA and US drug war-related suffering Washington's
policies will cause to the poor people of Latin America? 

How about Washington's pending TPP?

How about the effects this continues to have upon US taxpayers?  They are the ones who have to  absorb the unfair job losses, medical, educational and home-town demographic changes to their lives - not Washington politicians or their corrupt sponsors.

Not to mention the billions more in taxpayers' dollars pumped down Washington's cronies' border security black hole.

You know every one of us has the responsibility to call this sham for what it is.  Otherwise we simply regurgitate Washington's national illegal immigration narrative that has nothing to do with the actual self-inflicted cause of illegal immigration.

Yep.  That shameful, national illegal immigration atrocity that Washington imposes upon "We The People" and "They The Undocumented People".

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