Thursday, August 21, 2014

Washington Deceivingly Attempts To Reform A System That Thrives Upon Decades Of Failure

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Washington Deceivingly Attempts To Reform A System That Thrives Upon Decades Of Failure

Just stop and think for one minute.  Do you actually think Washington wants to effectively reform a system that has made money for its cronies for decades?

Are you willing to consider that the system is designed to be ineffective and that Washington's cronies profit from that ineffectiveness?

Here is how it works.  Create profitable, elitist trade polices (NAFTA/CAFTA) that exacerbate poverty and disparities in wealth in the undocumenteds' home countries.  Maintain ineffective border and interior enforcement agencies that are never given the resources to effectively get the job done.  Witness crony corporations illegally hire the undocumented laborers knowing that the chances of said corporate cronies getting caught are slim.  Why do you think E-verify and similar systems dating back to Reagan's 1986 Amnesty have not and never will be mandatory? 

Have the undocumenteds' home country elite's economies become dependent upon billions of  dollars in remittances being sent home annually.  Have the economic elite - in the US (and Mexico for example) share 1.25 billion dollars a day in NAFTA cross border trade while the disparity in wealth in both countries continues to climb to unprecedented levels.

Create border and interior enforcement agencies that employ tens of thousands of Americans while annually costing US taxpayers billions to fund.   Never admit that a continuing influx of undocumented and illegal drugs are necessary components for those agencies (and their privatized cronies) to thrive.  

This is oh so hauntingly similar to perpetual wars and the US Military Industrial Complex.

Create a political narrative that does not address our own government's responsibility for exacerbating the very illegal immigration that Washington claims to want to reform.

Do you know about and/or remember "our" 40+ year long war on drugs?  For over 40 years billions of US tax dollars have been pumped down that "border security" black hole too.  The results of  Washington's drug and immigration "wars"?  Illegal drugs and undocumented people somehow keep increasing while Washington keeps asking for more money to "solve" both problems.

If you really study both topics you will discover that Washington has no real intention of killing the golden goose that keeps laying those golden drug and labor infused eggs.

Washington's real immigration reform?   Continue the insidiously deceiving narrative that "immigration is broken".  Meanwhile continue to hide the truth.

It ain't really broke and we don't intend to effectively ever fix it.  There is simply too much money being made maintaining the failed status quo.


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