Monday, August 4, 2014

Washington's Illegal Immigration Narrative Is One Big Lie

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Washington's Illegal Immigration Narrative Is One Big Lie

Just like our 40+ year long war on drugs that has proven to be a failure.  Now failed drug enforcement has become a way of life for American drug enforcement industries and American politicians.

Consider all of the jobs, billions in salaries and billions for enforcement related industry lobbyists that are dependent upon this continuing failure.   And God forbid that we consider the billions in dark money that is made by banks, corrupt trading partners and US clandestine agencies fighting "terrorists". 

Illegal immigration is running a close second to this decades' old border drug war battle to nowhere.  Billions of dollars have been poured into Washington's cronies border security "black hole" - yet some 70 thousand Central American kids can ride "La Bestia" through the corruption hurdles Mexico in order to turn themselves in at the US border?

For decades now Washington's profiteering illegal immigration politicians have set the false immigration narrative that leave many Americans divided and angry.  "Secure The Border/Deport them all on one side, "Reform" on the other and all points in between set Washington's  purposely misleading illegal immigration propaganda.  

And as long as American's regurgitate Washington's false illegal immigration propaganda as a "fix" to this problem, this insidious self-inflicted nightmare will drag on and on.

Shift your focus folks.  Consider that economic profit might be the actual reason that illegal immigration continues.  In my opinion as a 26-year retired US Border Patrol/ICE agent and 9 years of personal study - this entire mess is about maintaining a continual source of undocumented labor, remittances, NAFTA/CAFTA created poverty/profits and billions upon billions of US tax dollars funneled down Washington's cronies' "border security boodle" black hole.


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