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Do You Trust Washington's And Israel's Narratives About Gaza And Palestine?

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Do You Trust Washington's And Israel's Narratives About Gaza And Palestine?

I am ashamed of many Americans who simply buy into US and Israeli narratives about Gaza and Palestine without researching any history of Palestine after WWII.

This crisis is much more complex than "Hamas terrorists" firing rockets into Israel and Israel having the "right to defend itself".  And if that is your only understanding of the situation and you base your narratives upon a limited understanding, I dare say you are part of this decades-old problem and have nothing to offer as a real solution.


Do you know when the state of Israel was created by the UN?
Do you know who received the majority of the Palestinian's land via that UN decision?
Do you know how many Palestinians were forced to leave their homes with the Israeli government's still unfulfilled promise that those Palestinians would have the right to return?
Do you know how much Palestinian land was taken after the UN decision and subsequent wars?
Do you know about illegal Jewish settlements in Palestine?
Do you know about the Israeli blockade of Gaza?
Do you know that Gazans rely upon tunnels from Egypt for ordinary necessities of life (denied by Israel's blockade)?
Do you know that Israel controls Gaza's water and medical supplies?
Do you know that Israel has and is illegally using 100 ton white phosphorous, DIME and flechette bombs?
Do you know that Israel flies drones over Gaza 24/7 in war time and not?
Do you know that the US gives Israel 3 billion in aide every year, and much of that is military aide that requires that Israel by US made weapons?
Do you know what the Zionist military term "mow the lawn" means?
Do you know that it is the militant, right-wing Zionist's goal to annihilate Palestinians?

I ask you to listen to the story of Miko Peled who grew up in Jerusalem and whose father was an Israeli general.  Included in Mr. Peled's story is the death of his niece by teenage Palestinian suicide bombers.

Take sometime to educate yourselves.  Unfortunately Washington's narrative about Israel, not unlike its narrative about health care, The Iraq War, The Drug War, Illegal Immigration, The Great Recession of 2008, etc., is predominately false and self-serving for hawks worldwide.

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