Saturday, August 2, 2014

Washington's Predictable, Decades' Long Illegal Immigration Scam

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Washington's Predictable, Decades' Long Illegal Immigration Scam

You see how Washington illegal immigration profiteers tap-dance around illegal immigration?  "Let 'em in or boot 'em out" ad infinitum.  Year after year, decade after decade.  Millions of lives affected.  Billions of US tax dollars pumped down Washington's cronies' "border security" black hole.  Thousands of border deaths.

Washington's NAFTA, CAFTA and 40+  year long failed drug war are seldom considered or rarely  discussed as the true casual factors of US illegal immigration and all of this suffering.

And why I hope you ask? 

You have to unhook your thinking from Washington's illegal  immigration narrative or you can bet your bottom dollar that your kids and grandkids will be regurgitating Washington's same, dead-end illegal immigration rhetoric years from now.

Theirs is an insidious system of profit-driven illegal immigration.  Profit from undocumented labor.  Profit from billions upon billions of US tax dollars in crony "border security" and "drug war" boodle.   Billions of dollars in remittances pumped back into their crony home-country elite's economies.  Billions in NAFTA/CAFTA trade dollars that just do not quite trickle down to actually benefit the undocumented or US tax payers.  "Immigration reform" paraded as a "fix" to illegal immigration when it in fact will only bring millions more undocumented here to the US and cause thousands more border deaths.

You have to jump off of Washington's never-ending, illegal immigration, merry-go-round blabber and see what is driving this insanity. 

Check out Biden's 2013 speech to the Mexican NAFTA economic elite.  See how he represents the American NAFTA elite and throws US taxpayers under Washington's illegal immigration reform bus:

Stop fighting among yourselves and blaming this or that illusionary faction of Washington's kleptocracy parading as a democracy.  This is exactly what they want you to do in order to hide or distract you from their greed-driven, underlying cancers of their illegal-immigration truths.

Finally consider this article about global undocumented labor.  It certainly helps me understand why the border and interior immigration laws are never successfully enforced.  It explains that Washington's pattern is the same as the global elite's pattern.  

Consider who wrote this article and why no major Washington influenced US newspaper would publish it.  Don't kill the Aljazeera messenger before considering what is said.

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