Tuesday, October 22, 2013

CIR - A Means To Outsource US Jobs to Foreign Tech Workers

In response:

Comprehensive Immigration Reform - A Means To Outsource US Jobs to Foreign Tech Workers

I wonder how many of the 11.2 million undocumented Zuck is really interested in helping? 

This is another example of how Washington's comprehensive immigration reform simultaneously uses aspects of its profit driven illegal immigration scam to benefit corporations while passing all the costs and consequences on to US taxpayers.

Washington pretends that it cares about human beings by waving banners for family unity and dreamers.  Then they turn around and attach some 700 amendments to "CIR" that will fatten all of the pocket books of the likes of Zuckerburg to their cronies at the US Border Security Industrial Complex. 

Tell me Zuck - do you really care about qualified US workers who you won't hire because it is cheaper to hire foreign tech workers?

Zuck is a businessman  -  visas for foreign tech professionals i.e. lower wages, health care, retirement costs are what underlines his profit driven interest for immigration reform.

If he is really so interested in solving the problem of illegal immigration he would use his wealth and influence to focus upon Mexican poverty - not legislation to make more slave tech workers for his Facebook empire.

ICE needs to go after Zuck for aiding and abetting illegal aliens with his Hackathon.  .

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