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Immigration Reform: How The Elite Profit From Both The Legal and Illegal Sides Of The Problem

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Immigration Reform:  How The Elite Profit From Both The Legal and Illegal Sides Of The Problem   

What is disturbing to me is that people who are at odds about illegal immigration and immigration reform blame anyone and everyone but the actual insidious system that keeps the problem in place.

Take one example:  Mexican illegal immigration.  Common sense dictates that at its roots, Mexican illegal immigration is caused by Mexican poverty. 

Who profits from - or off of - Mexican poverty?  And who creates that profit-driven poverty? 

Certainly the Mexican elite does as billions in remittances are poured back into Mexico each year.  The Mexican elite also profit from the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with the US.  How about Mexican oil which is our number two source of oil to the US?  How about US investments in Mexico from US investors who invest more in Mexico than anyone else?

With all of that prosperity going on in Mexico, why is their poverty rate at 50% and why is the number of Mexican undocumented in the US at 62%? 

By the way, Clinton's NAFTA caused the largest influx of undocumented people into US ever!  How many Mexican undocumented died as a result of NAFTA?  How many US workers lost their jobs because of NAFTA?  Consider also the long waiting lines in US hospital emergency rooms and the unfair demographic changes to many American hometowns.   

Someone in the US obviously profits off a never-ending supply of cheap, expendable Mexican laborers.  The US border industrial complex reaps billions and asks for billons more of tax payers' dollars while employing "designed ineffectiveness" to pretend to be willing and able to "secure the border".  Don't forget the privatized US immigration prisons who get approximately $125.00 per undocumented person per night after night.  Then we have the two major US political parties who - because of illegal immigration - are guaranteed (despite amnesties and reform attempts) to have a never-ending platform to try to win over the growing Latino vote. 

Don't forget the Mexican Drug War and the billions of dollars in profit that go to Mexico's cartel-run government and the US Drug Enforcement Complex that has been "fighting" the drug war for over forty years.

These bi-national governments set up "our" perpetual problems then the bi-national elite ensure that they themselves profit from both the legal enforcement side and the illegal distribution side of the problems. 

We know who pays the price for all of this - as the people of Mexico and the Mexican undocumented know too.

Yet many seem to be very confused about who is responsible and how to not only fix these problems, but stop them too.


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