Friday, October 18, 2013

President Obama - A Few Questions About Mexican Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform

President Obama - A Few Questions About Mexican Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform

I have some Mexican illegal immigration and immigration reform questions for you and Congress  President Obama.  I tried to pass these on to my congressmen but they are not interested.

Mexican illegal immigration and US/Mexico trade: 

Is Mexican illegal immigration actually profit-driven by the elite who run our two governments? 

Please have Congress investigate how the Clinton's NAFTA nearly quadrupled the number of undocumented in to the US (3 million to 11.2 million).  Please - while they are at it - have them   report the correct number of US jobs exported from the US because of  NAFTA.   Note:  discuss why Washington's newest trade agreement - the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) - has been labeled "NAFTA on Steroids" and just ramifications that trade agreement will have on US workers and consumers. 

Please explain why Mexico's poverty rate is at 50% yet our two nations share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade?   

Does Mexican poverty have anything to do with Mexican illegal immigration and Mexico having the highest number of undocumented in the US at 62%? 

Address how many Mexican families and the Mexican economy are dependent upon billons of dollars in remittances being annually sent back home to Mexico by their undocumented and others.

Immigration reform:

Mr. President if Mexican poverty is the cause of Mexican illegal immigration to the US, why is that subject not addressed or discussed in Washington's Immigration Reform plans?

How will immigration reform solve our problems of overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs to the undocumented, losses of US jobs to NAFTA, and unfair demographic changes to our hometowns? 

Why do we seldom if ever hear any US politicians blame the notoriously corrupt Mexican government for the part it plays in the creation of Mexican illegal immigration?

Isn't Washington's reform plan of creating a new American sub-class of 11.2 Registered Provisional Immigrant workers in exchange for the possibility of US citizenship and 13 years of labor a form of modern day labor peonage? 

Won't immigration reform actually convince more undocumented people to take the risk of coming to the US (despite all of Washington's border build up)?

Mr. President do many US corporations (agriculture/hotel-motel/construction etc.) actually want and profit from cheap undocumented labor?  Are those corporations really in favor of effectively "securing the border" and stopping the laborers they want and need?  

Would Mexico's economy collapse if Washington's border surge did in fact effectively seal border?

Please discuss why the US elite invest more capital in Mexico than any other investors do.  Tell us just exactly how much US border maquiladoras pay Mexican citizens to assemble our clothes and electronics per day.  Explain what the invasion of WalMart and US corn have done to Mexico's poor.

Mexican Drug War:

Has not the 2006 US backed Mexican drug war resulted in the slaughter of some 120,000 people?

Please explain why the US media rarely covers that war and how our tax dollars are being used in support of such carnage.

Explain to America how Washington stands by and supports the corrupt Mexican government's use of their corrupt Mexican military (known as the largest drug cartel of them all) in the Mexican "government's" all-out attempt to orchestrate a government-sponsored cartel takeover of rival cartel competition? 

President Obama why is (after six years of raging drug war in Mexico) Mexico's most notorious cartel kingpin, El Chapo Guzman, still in full operation today?  The US Military can find and assassinate Osama in Laden in Pakistan but it can't find Chapo Guzman in Mexico?

Is it possible that Chapo Guzman actually is in cahoots with the Mexican government and our CIA as indicated by the heroic Mexican author, Anabel Hernandez, in her book "Narcoland"?

Why is the country which is America's number two source of foreign oil able to lauder cartel drug profits through US and global banks?  Would the economy of that same country, America's third largest trading partner, collapse without the billions of dollars being pumped back into their economy by America's addicted each year?

Why do many hard-working Americans blame Mexico's undocumented for illegally coming here while Washington says nothing about the insidious profit-driven economic and foreign policies that push Mexico's undocumented here?

Ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon

Mr. President how in God's name can Harvard University award Mexico's drug war tyrant - Felipe Calderon - Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and accompanying year's-long, lucrative fellowship?  

Is it OK with you that the hundreds of thousands of dollars Calderon receives from Harvard lecture fees are blood soaked from his horrific drug-war decisions and legacy?

The People's Plan 

The writing is on Washington's planned 2,000 mile-long border militarized wall.  The good, hard-working, common people of both the US and Mexico are being raped by the bi-national elite and their politically created poverty and profit-driven illegal immigration to the US.

I have this fantasy of a peaceful, bi-national border protest as millions of us peacefully shut down their 1.25 billion dollars a day trading and murdering machine. 

Let's shut it down until we can have honest people mutually represent both nations from  our respective governments. 

There is plenty of prosperity to go around for the citizens of both nations. 

The good people of Mexico would not have to be chased like animals because they simply need to put food on their families' tables.  The good people of the US would not have to pay for and suffer the consequences of the bi-national elite's profit-driven illegal immigration to the US.     


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