Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mr. Obama Can't Stop Mexican Deportations But He Could Stop The Poverty That Causes Mexican Deportations

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Mr. Obama Can't Stop Mexican Deportations But He Could Stop The Poverty That Causes Mexican Deportations

First of all it is not to our best interest to stop all deportations.  DHS deports thousands of undocumented  "aggravated felons" from US state prisons who have convictions for violent criminal charges including murder.    

Anyone who thinks that there are not some real serious violent criminals who among the undocumented is wrong.  They need to be booted out of the US and never be able to return again period.

Unfortunately there are non-violent, strictly economic undocumented who are caught up in the system who are deported.  This of course works the same when people are caught entering the country. 

I suggest that everyone concerned about border arrests, deportations, family separations, border deaths, border militarization and immigration reform for 11.2 million people shift their focus to the actual cause of all of the above:  poverty. 

The undocumented, especially from Mexico (62%) and El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras (12%) would not come or stay here if their home country governments provided equal opportunities for their undocumenteds' prosperity in their own home countries. 

Mexican poverty is man-made.  It is not some mystical condition that an imaginary line called a border created by itself.  Mexican poverty and Mexican illegal immigration are results of the Mexican and US governments' economic policies and greed.

Mexican poverty and that of all of the other undocumenteds' countries is designed by the rich for their own self-enrichment. 

Just look what NAFTA has done to the Mexican poor.  There is enough Mexican wealth and prosperity to go around so that their poor are not pushed here to be used by the US elite (cheap labor, political gain).  Mexican poverty is the result of the bi-national elite's conspiracy: create and maintain poverty conditions that guarantee Mexican illegal immigration to the US.  The Mexican elite cash in on remittances, and the US elite cash in on cheap labor and border militarization.

There is no reason that US taxpayers should suffer the costs and consequences of the bi-national elite's insidious system of profitized Mexican illegal immigration.

We also need to address this rape of common people by the elite on a global scale.  The US and Mexican elite's example is but a microcosm of what the global elite are doing to good people all over the world.


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