Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Washington Simultaneously Creates - And Then Pretends To "Fix" - Illegal Immigration - For Profit

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Washington Simultaneously Creates - And Then Pretends To "Fix" - Illegal Immigration - For Profit

This is what I have figured out after working for the US Border Patrol and ICE for 26 years and then studying illegal immigration and Mexico's drug war for another 9 years in retirement.

Washington's cronies have the "illegal immigration" markets cornered:

Create trade policies (NAFTA/CAFTA) that favor the bi-national elite

Create foreign political regimes that favor the different sets of bi-national elites

Create illegal immigration that exchanges undocumented labor for foreign remittances

Create border crises that will require billions of US tax dollars in crony "border security" boodle

Create propaganda that hides the true motives of illegal immigration and immigration reform

Talk about the "perro" chasing its tail and making billions in the process.

RIP America, with love Washington.

The majority of Americans rant and rave about the symptoms of illegal immigration while not realizing that Washington sets the parameters of this debate.

This entire mess is based upon multi-national political corruption. Corruption that capitalizes upon cheap labor, remittances, drug profits and billions in border security boodle.

Brought to you by all the governments involved who disregard the lives of their own citizens, the sweat and tears of the undocumented and billions upon billions of US tax dollars.

We have indeed met the enemy Pogo.

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