Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Washington Purposely Diverts America's Illegal Immigration Debate To Smoke Screen, Non-Solutions

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Washington Purposely Diverts America's Illegal Immigration Debate To Smoke Screen, Non-Solutions

Read Americans' posts as they respond to immigration articles:   E-Verify, secure the border, jail and deport them all, let them all in, jail employers, fine employers, build more fences, put the military on the border, blame the Republicans, blame Obama and the Democrats, blame Mexico ad infinitum.

I have heard these arguments or similar all during the 26 years that I worked as a US Border Patrol/ICE agent and during the 9 years in retirement that I have continued to study immigration and the 2006 Mexican drug war.

Like rabid dogs chasing their tails, Washington's spoon-feeds this circular, decades' long debate to Americans as illegal immigration drags on and on.  And as long as Americans continue to eat up Washington's force-fed illegal immigration "junk food" they become addicted to not thinking for themselves. 

Stop for one moment!  Think - is there one policy in Washington that ultimately does not revert back to some form of financial greed?  Health care?  Jobs?  War?  The Great Recession of 2008?  Citizens' United?  The price of gas?  Food?  Homes?  College?

Why on earth would illegal immigration be any different? 

Not to say that most folks don't see the political influence that immigration matters carry. 

Yet how many Americans understand Washington's foreign trade policies that produce disparities in wealth and poverty in the undocumenteds' home counties which in turn produce illegal immigration to the US?

Read how our own US Department of State describes the 1.25 billion dollars a day in NAFTA cross border trade with Mexico.

Has that wealth helped stop illegal immigration or one million US jobs being moved out of America?

Anyone who thinks that US corporations do not capitalize upon free trade agreements, illegal immigration and undocumented labor is naïve.   Think of the billions of dollars pumped down Washington's cronies' border security "black hole".  Think of the ongoing US war on drugs that has cost US taxpayers one trillion dollars and jailed over one million people in the last 40 years.

How many DHS, DEA and private contractor jobs are dependent upon illegal immigration and illegal drugs?  How many military and private contractor jobs are dependent upon all facets of wars or the threat of wars?

You got to get this folks.  Washington's insidious system of profit/labor driven illegal immigration producing profit/political driven immigration reform are big money makers for someone in this country. 

Meanwhile - US taxpayers as well as the undocumented continue to suffer the costs and consequences of self-inflicted illegal immigration.



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