Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cycle of Insanity

Response to article below: 

What a horrific cycle of insanity this is!   Washington funds the failed war on drugs which has left close to 40,000 people dead in Mexico.  US corporations profit from NAFTA which ruins small corn farmers and small businesses in Mexico and ultimately pushes people North.  The US military industrial complex profits from our tax dollars by arming the Mexican military.  Weapons manufactures in the US profit by indirectly arming cartel thugs.  Read Professor James Petras if you dare: 
US banks have profited from laundering cartel profits.  Political careers (John McCain, Rick Perry) are made by propagandizing this fiasco and demonizing the undocumented.  American voters who are already slammed by the abuses of the super rich do not have the time or energy to see that they are being raped by the same elite who rape the Mexican poor.    
The elite from both sides of the border profit from the failed status quo of both the drug and immigration “wars”.   Finally, campaigning from El Paso on May 10, President Obama insultingly speaks of immigration reform and economic prosperity while standing and literally facing the destruction of Ciudad Juarez.     
Immigration and supreme court rulings ensure that this cycle of insanity and injustice will proliferate.      
The only thing left is a peaceful revolution that will shock both governments to their senses.  This can be done with bi-national grass roots organization.
Are there any famous and trusted journalists, public figures, or musicians out there who are willing to take this on? 
We are all in the same stinking boat with the rest of them if we sit there  and nothing.    

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