Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who Do Americans Blame?

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The good people of the US and Mexico are being raped by the elite who profit from both countries’ failed immigration and drug war nightmares.   
It does not surprise me that many good Americans are confused as to who to blame for their abuse.  They see their tax dollars and loss of jobs going toward supporting the undocumented in the US.  Yet they blame the symptom and not the cause.
The real perpetrators of this crime are the same elite who abuse the Mexican undocumented.  But who has time to figure this out and educate themselves when their jobs, food, and homes are at risk?  By the way, the same elite have designed that scenario too.
Here are two articles that will help:      
The elite on both sides of the border profit (at our expense) from their puppet politicians’ failed drug and immigration wars.   Just as they do with failed health care, mortgage meltdowns, and job/economic crises.
Are you sick of it? 

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