Monday, July 25, 2011

Stand Up For What Is Right

in response to this article:

You know what is wrong with this country?  We have lost the courage to come together and stand up for what is right. 
What about an article outlining what the people are going to do about immigration reform?
Dear President Obama,
Failed US NAFTA, immigration, and drug enforcement policies have created the narco/economic crises in Mexico that have left close to 40,000 people killed since 2006.   
The US government continues to ignore these issues.  Therefore, we support mass asylum for undocumented Mexicans living within the US, and mass exodus and asylum for all of those Mexicans who have been persecuted as a result of NAFTA and the US backed war on drugs.
When the millions of Mexican undocumented living within the US and the hundreds of thousands of Mexicans persecuted by the drug war all started systematically applying for US asylum,  US immigration as we know it would implode.
This protest would peacefully bring Washington into the world’s spot light.  Then Washington would have to overlook corporate interests in Mexico and deal with the corrupt, cartel run Mexican government.   
Here is the deal folks:  the overwhelming majority of the Mexican undocumented would leave the US or not come to the US if the Mexican government provided them a decent living wage and a safe place to live in. 
What really makes the difference between San Diego and Tijuana, and imaginary line? 
Protest!  Make Washington make Mexico clean up its act.  It will be then and only then when  Mexicans  will stay at home or go home.  If you knew them you would realize just how much they love their country.  They would much prefer being at home working with their families.
It will be then and only then would US Taxpayers have more jobs and less congestion in our hospitals and schools.
But American voters need to wake up.  The super rich on both sides of the border rape the Mexican poor at the US taxpayer’s expense.  Then their paid propaganda turns the undocumented into the enemy and a never ending cycle of delusion and reelection.
Please read these articles.  They shed light on the cause of illegal immigration, who profits, and who suffers.
We have been bamboozled again by our politicians.  This is no different than Wall Street bail outs, joblessness, failed health care, and housing crises all cause by them.
Are you ready to act? 



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