Friday, February 28, 2014

Immigration Reform: All Of The Profit Is In The Fight Not In The Fix

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Immigration Reform:  All Of The Profit Is In The Fight Not In The Fix  

I think most Americans support legalization of the undocumented with the understanding that said legalization or "reform" includes border security that would effectively stop illegal immigration and  the need for further reforms.

Washington's schizophrenic approach to illegal immigration drives American's crazy.  Record deportations coupled with attempts to legalize 11.2 million people and the Senate's S.744 asking for 46.3 billion more in border security tax dollars make any one with common sense wonder what Washington's true immigration intentions are.

I say if you dig deep enough and think for yourselves you will discover that illegal immigration is like any other profitable yet ineffective Washington industry including but not limited to failed health care, a 40+ year long failed drug war, illegal military wars, preventable great recessions, etc.. 

The truth is that US corporations and Washington politicians simultaneously profit from undocumented labor and the government border security reform contracts that pay billions to attempt to control illegal immigration. 

And just like their 40+ year long war on drugs, Washington has no intention of killing the goose that lays those golden labor or drug laden eggs.  Or put in another way, all of the profit is in decades-long fight - not in a sensible fix. 


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