Monday, April 22, 2013

The Gang of 8's Bill Kicks The Illegal Immigration Can Down The Road Again

In response:

Are these two factions discussing the failure of the two most important reform legislations (Amnesty and NAFTA) which promised (and failed) to end illegal immigration? The 1994 implementation of NAFTA actually pushed several million more Mexican undocumented into the US.

Are these two factions addressing how the undocumented's home-country governments' economic relationships with the US affects their illegal immigration to the US?

Have they ever considered this critical question: would the undocumented come or stay in the US if they could receive equivalent wages and services working at home with their families?

Has either side ever criticized the Mexican government elite for the part it plays in pushing their own citizens into our country and how said elite profits from that?

US taxpayers suffer the consequences of our government's failure to adequately address illegal immigration. Those taxpayers suffer losses of jobs and unfair job competition with undocumented who work under the table. Those US taxpayers also suffer long emergency room lines and over-crowded schools.

Common sense dictates that US taxpayers pay higher medical costs because of the undocumented flooding our medical and school systems.

Finally, do these senators talk with US taxpayers who have had the population and composition of their small home towns unfairly changed because of the number of the undocumented people moving there?

This issue of undocumented immigration has been kicked down the road for decades. The Gang of 8's plan will fail too because it misses multinational greed as the cause of undocumented immigration.

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