Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fat AGRI Cats Can't Have It Both Ways

In Response:

The fat AGRI cats can't have it both ways.  They want undocumented people crossing the border and harvesting their crops.  They just don't want them to have any legal status.  That would mean higher wages and normal living/working conditions.  

When I was a Border Patrol Agent in CA the undocumented had built their own shanty town just east of the large tomato farms in Carlsbad.  I would guess some 500 people lived there.  This space was not provided by the growers.  These undocumented were from Oaxaca and they lived on their own. 

In fact we found burial sites with crosses.  In one shack we found a person who had his hands tied his back and had been executed.

And as far as this newest immigration reform, please remember that Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA were both pitched to the public as the end of illegal immigration. 

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