Monday, April 29, 2013

"illegal immigration" Causes Mouths To Start Frothing

In response:

Our government has us brainwashed: the simple words "illegal immigration" causes our mouths to start frothing.

Meanwhile the 1%'s greed and the disparity in the global 1%'s economic wealth (which causes global poverty which pushes undocumented people here to begin with) are not in the Gang of 8's discussions.

Nor is the profit that they make off of the undocumented or the profit that they make off of US taxpayers who are left holding the bag of their insidious game

That truth is not on our American voters' radar screens.

I am not saying that we do not know something is wrong. We do. I am saying that what many Americans see as the problem is really only a symptom of the 1%'s scandalous treachery.

Here is your choice: keep frothing at the mouth or use your brains to figure out what these scammers are doing to you and our country.

Illegal Immigration lies are no different than lies about military wars, failed health care, preventable recessions, planned mortgage meltdowns, 40 year long drug wars, the exportation of jobs, profit above education, etc.      

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