Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mexico's Undocumented Immigration "Bomb" versus Iran's "Nuclear Bomb"

In Response:

Our government puts economic sanctions on Iran because of the threat of the possibility of a nuclear bomb, but does absolutely nothing to Mexico as a result of the undocumented  immigration "bomb" that Mexico has been dropping on the US taxpayers for decades.

The profiteers (those who act upon the Iranian government but fail to act upon the Mexican government) use insidious propaganda to keep Americans ignorant. Those "radical Muslims" and "Mexican illegal invaders" will destroy not only America but the entire world if we let them!

If you haven't learned to second guess the motives of our 1% bought government "of the people" you are part of the problem and not part of any realistic solution.

It is all about the 1%'s greed. No longer is that reality only showing up in those far away Muslim lands. It is now detonating on our southern border and right in the faces of those who choose to look.

We should end our government's participation in the Mexican Drug War and economically sanction Mexico until it properly provides for its own people. The undocumented from Mexico (who make up more than 50% of the US undocumented) would not come or stay here if that filthy corrupt government of theirs provided equivalent wages and services to their own people in Mexico.

Of course the bi-national (US/Mexico) profiteers enjoy our convoluted immigration status quo while American taxpayer and undocumented pawns pay the price.

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