Monday, August 12, 2013

Mexican Asylum Cases and The Dream 9

In response:

The most important question now is:  what will be the results of these kids' asylum cases?

I am guessing the current time wait for immigration court to be at a minimum of sixteen to twenty-four months. 

Otherwise with the current rejection rate of Mexican asylum cases involving credible fear stemming from cartel related death and violence, I would not start popping the champagne bottles just yet.

The corporate profiteers who run our government will do what they can to keep the current illegal immigration/"reform" profit cycle running.  Granting large amounts of Mexican asylum cases does not fit into their profitized immigration/border security plans.

If Washington actually admitted that the US backed Mexican drug war terrorized Mexican citizens and produced "credible fear" to a group deserving asylum, would they not also be admitting their own culpability in that insidious war?

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