Saturday, August 17, 2013

They Use Drones Because We Let Them

In response:

I am a 62 year old American and I believe that the vast majority of typical Americans are so busy trying to make ends meet that they either can't or don't take the time to thoroughly investigative what our government is really up to.

We are taught as kids to trust the democratic process and to believe that one major party or the other will take care of our needs while the other causes the (economic, health-care, immigration, war etc.) problems that we seem to have to endure.

I am a retired US Border Patrol Agent and has taken me eight years in retirement to educated myself and understand what is insidiously running and ruining our country.  The war in Iraq was based on lies and greed.  The Great Recession of 2008 was based on lies and greed.  Our failed health care system - the same.  Our immigration policies are set up to simultaneously abuse the undocumented for cheap labor and rape US taxpayers for all the "border security" tax dollars Washington's cronies can steal.  Our forty-year long drug war has become a typical governmental "for profit" industry that gives the US the distinction of having the highest privatized prison population in the world.  Profits from weapons, crime, disregard for our environment, and foreign policy/political corruption accompany our elite's master plan to destroy the US middle class.

If this all sounds rather bleak it is because it is.  I worry about my children's' and grandchildren's futures.

I imagine things in Great Britain are similar.  I have read some promising article about Iceland that give me hope.

I advocate for peaceful world-wide revolutions that will bring these out of control governments to their senses.  They use drones because we let them.          


    I was sent this link recently and this scares me more than a drone attack if what this man states is true there in no hiding place for anyone let alone Americans