Friday, August 2, 2013

Immigration Reform: What A Slap In The Face

In response:
What a slap in the face this proposed immigration reform  is to American taxpayers.  It is they who will suffer  the major US costs and consequences of Washington's continuing profitization of illegal labor and border security agendas.

Is it not also a slap in the face to the undocumented?  When does this treachery stop? 
The Mexican elite discard their own poor and said poor's problems north in exchange for remittances.  The US elite capitalize off of the undocumenteds' labor, prison populations, voting potential, and amnesties.   The US elite profitize billions in US taxpayers funds funneled to crony border security and prison corporations.  The US elite seldom if never face the long hospital emergency room lines, job losses, or unfair demographic changes to their hometown neighborhoods as the US middle class does.

The undocumented and their US supporters are ready to accept 13 years of labor peonage for a chance at US citizenship.  What kind of precedence does that set for the next wave of poor?  Do you people even care?  How many of your fellow countrymen, women, and children will die as result of the border militarization that accompanies your pitiful little slice of  "legalization"? 
This current bill is unjust and inhumane, yet you people are ready to sell your collective souls to the US corporate devils?  Is it any wonder this world is in such a mess?  Everyone is out for only their pitiful little selves. 

Everyone has a right to be livid about US immigration policies.  The right thing for the US undocumented to do would be to demonstrate against their home country/US policies that push people here to begin with.  That is what should be first on their agenda:  fix this problem before it happens again.

The right thing for US citizens and taxpayers to do would be to demonstrate against the US/home country policies that create illegal immigration to begin with.  Fix this problem before it happens again.

To powerfully make their points US taxpayers, the US undocumented, and all of their supporters should join forces and peacefully shut down the US/Mexican border until these two corrupt governments come to their senses.







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