Sunday, August 18, 2013

American Immigration Exceptionalists Blame "The Water" For the Government Controlled "Flood"

In response:

Illegal immigration is big business on both sides of our southern border.  I guess most of the posters here can't quite figure out where their tax dollars are going and why their own ignorance plays right into the bi-national elites' illegal immigration for profit scam.

American exceptionalists gang up to pound on the undocumented as the cause and therefore the cure to illegal immigration.  Anyone who might lend a hand to these folks is considered the enemy.

What these exceptionalists do not realize is that our problem with illegal immigration is actually a global phenomena.

Washington will eventually legalize the 11.2 million who are here and set the stage for the next wave. 

Meanwhile the exceptionalists will keep yelling at and blaming the water for the government controlled flood.  That is if they are able to keep treading water.

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