Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Beyond Their All Encompassing, Self-Serving Immigration Reform

In response:

The major reason that illegal immigration keeps coming back to haunt us all is that all parties involved (US & home-country governments, Washington lobbyists, the undocumented & their supporters, the anti-reform faction & their supporters, big businesses and US taxpayers) are all self-servers who only care about how they will be personally affected by reform and how it can best benefit they themselves.

The problem has gone on for decades because the US and the undocumenteds' home-country economic policies create and then profitize poverty.  Home-country elite export their undocumented for the remittances sent back home.  Those in the US who hire the undocumented do so to make or save money.  The undocumented come here to make money to live and possibly become US citizens.  The politicians who sway one immigration way or another do so in order to stay in office and profit from special interest groups.  Border security industries profit by creating prisons, gadgets and other ideas to pretend to stop illegal immigration.  US taxpayers suffer the over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs, and unfair demographic changes to their lives but do not take the time to really understand the root causes of the problem and stand up to Washington.  The 11.2 million undocumented here will sell their souls for 13 years of labor peonage just for a chance at US citizenship while setting an insidious precedence for the next wave of undocumented who are sure to come.   

The dilemma:  not one of the above self-serving acts will do anything to actually stop the problem.  In fact, each not only extenuates but exacerbates US illegal immigration.   

This all is very similar to they way we pollute the environment as either individuals, businesses, groups or governments.  The majority of people who pollute only care about their own individual interests and what comforts them best.  Meanwhile their temporary profits and delusions of  safety/control all contribute to the eventual suffering and destruction of us all.

I say no to their comprehensive, self-serving immigration reform.  I say yes to getting to the bottom of the ugly truth of illegal immigration.  I say the common people from both sides of the border must unite to do this. 

It is only in this manner that we can peacefully force the current powers to be come to realistic immigration solutions that will benefit the common good of both (and all) nations.