Sunday, July 21, 2013

Immigration Reform: Both Sides Are Being Raped and Played

In response:

There is tremendous anger on both sides of the illegal immigration argument.    Many Dreamers and other undocumented people blame racist Americans or their American exceptionalist attitudes of bigotry and unkindness. 

Americans blame the "illegal invaders" for taking advantage of our freedom and so called American democratic society.
Both sides know deep down that something is very wrong.  Both sides are justified in being upset.  Yet few take the responsibility to educate themselves as to the root cause of illegal immigration.  They blindly blame each other for their problems which eliminates any hope of their problems being fixed. 

Here is the deal:  both sides are being raped and played by the American elite and the undocumented's' home country elite. 

In the case of Mexico the bi-national elite create and profit from poverty that pushes the Mexican undocumented into the US.  Mexico's elite export their own people who their economy can not sustain in return for billions of dollars in remittances yearly being pumped back into their economy.  The US elite profit off of cheap labor and an entire crony border security industry that US taxpayers fork over billions to annually.  Those same taxpayers suffer and pay for the over crowded emergency rooms, school rooms, job losses and unfair demographic changes to their towns.
The Mexican undocumented and US taxpayers get hosed by not only their own governments but each others governments too.   It is a vicious cycle of greed propagandized as unsolvable realities of  American life.

Wake up folks.  We are being played.  This illegal immigration industry is not unlike the illegal drug industry or even the illegal war industry.  All have become institutionalized profit makers for the US and global rich, and We The People of the World are suffering the costs and consequences.

So as long as we ignorantly fight each other, the true culprits keep laughing all the way to the banks.  

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