Saturday, July 13, 2013

Immigration Reform: I Don't Believe You Mr. President

In response:

Washington's two major political parties will do almost anything to hedge its Latino voter bets in order to stay in or gain political power. 

As far as Immigration Reform Mr. President - Why should I believe you?

I listened to Reagan's rhetoric and witnessed (as an INS Special Agent) the massive fraud that was overlooked by his administration during his 1986 Amnesty.

I listened to Clinton's 1994 rhetoric about NAFTA and witnessed the massive influx of undocumented that his fiasco caused (and continues to cause). The US and Mexican 1% line their pockets from Clinton's taxpayer snow-job while those same taxpayers have to suffer the costs and consequences of the jump in illegal immigration from the 3 million undocumented in 1986 to the 11.2 million that we have today?

I then experienced as an INS special agent Bush's 2003 convoluted creation of DHS as it combined Customs Special Agents with INS special agents (just to name 2 of over some 20 agencies combined). On the most basic level - do you have any idea of how many INS/US Border Patrol/Immigration benefit application forms that had to have their letterheads changed because of that nightmare?  Not to mention the combining of two basically dysfunctional agencies into one called ICE?

The gato is out of the bag. This immigration reform scam turns the undocumented into a sub-class of  indentured laborers serving 10 year sentences while soaking US taxpayers for billions more in your "border security hocus-pocus". 

So we again pay for security that will not stop the desperate people that previous Washington economic polices helped create in the first place? 

This article below reveals the motives behind you and your alma mater Harvard's reward of ex-Mexican President Felipe Calderon with a lucrative fellowship while ignoring Calderon's US supported and continuing 2006 drug war that has scarified over 100,000 people.

How many more decades will American citizen taxpayers let them selves be sucker-punched by this "immigration reform" doublespeak?


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