Wednesday, July 3, 2013

No Difference In the Right Hand or Left

You are really part of the problem when you think there is a substantial difference between the right hand and left of this monstrous oligarchy which parades itself as a democracy.

No pressure in dealing with this ticking time bomb frantically manufactured and blindly assembled by the Senate?

Here amigos, you deal with it!
2,000 pages and 700 amendments - which wires to clip? Which will blow up the US?
I hope they let this self-serving, convoluted cluster-bomb sink into its own quagmire and self destruct.

Do you actually think that the "Mexicans" are not getting screwed too? When is the last time you had to sneak across a border in order to put food on your table?

Do you actually think that the "Mexicans" would come or stay here if they could have equivalent wages and services living and working at home with their families?
Do you actually think that the corrupt Mexican government does not have the resources to provide for their own?
Do you actually think that the corrupt elite who run both governments don't laugh all the way to the banco when they see posters like you who can't see them as the real culprits beneath their insidious scam?
Anger when used as a constructive means to a positive end is totally cool and necessary. With that said, being angry at other victims or the wrong targets of this decades long 1% charade fixes nothing while prolonging the abuse.
We should have a bi-national peaceful march and shut the border down for a few days. Let both governments suffer the loss of 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade. Let them suffer the world wide embarrassment and expose of how they both screw their own citizens and each others too.
Maybe that would bring them to their senses.

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