Saturday, July 27, 2013

US Immigration Reform: Survival of the Fittest/Poverty Hunger Games

In response:

This is some kind of twisted "survival of the fittest/poverty hunger games" concoction at work. 

The US and Mexican elite use NAFTA and their continuing drug war to help push the Mexican undocumented here exchanging labor for remittances.  Only the fittest will make it through;  those caught will be criminalized and sentenced to CCA prisons.  Those who make it through will wait for the next amnesty.

The 11.2 million already here will be given 13 years of labor peonage in exchange for a shot at legalization and citizenship.  If the border security measures are not met or they the undocumented don't meet the income thresholds embedded in this bill, they too will get "go directly to CCA jail" cards too.

Of course US taxpayers will pay the continuingly increasing costs for "border security" enhancements, prisons, losses of jobs, over-crowded emergency/school rooms, and unfair changes in home-town demographics.

The only thing comprehensive about this bill is the incomprehensible ways it screws not only the undocumented, but US taxpayers too. 

This immigration reform "can" needs to be crushed on the spot until we can get all governments involved to address their self- serving poverty that fuels illegal immigration.

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