Thursday, July 25, 2013

American Exceptionalists - Immigration Raped By Their Own Hands

In response:

Here go the American exceptionalist posters ripping this kid apart because she dares to challenge their black and white American thinking.

"How dare those illegals break the law and question the USA! Deport them all and case solved".

These American exceptionalist posters are co-conspirators in crimes committed against their own selves (as this young lady is not) and who do they blame?

You people do not have enough sense to know that you are just as much victims, pawns and responsible in this illegal immigration scam as the undocumented are. Yet who do you blame?

The entire illegal immigration system has been created to make profit off of cheap labor and your taxes sucked into their "border security" black hole hoax. Yet who do you blame?

You are being used and you don't even know how. Just like the American 40 year long war on drugs.

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